Schule zwischen zwei WeltenThe registered  association El Cultrún was founded by 14 persons in Berlin/Germany in September 2003. Nowadays around 40 members and friends from different nations are active at El Cultrún; for instance from Chile, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Spain, Russia, France and Germany. El Cultrún was founded also in Chile in 2003. Many friends and supporters are largely involved in the activities of the association on a volunteer basis.

The reason for the establishment of the association was the idea to initiate a project to improve the educational opportunities of the Mapuche, an indigenous people of Chile in southern Chile. The former teacher of a small school in Forrahue San Juan de la Costa, Maria Eugenia Barria, called up to support this school. She spoke about the situation of the Huilliche-Mapuche in this region. Now the members of El Cultrún decided to go to Forrahue to start with the realisation of a new construction of the school according to the needs of the local Mapuche. Members of El Cultrún went to Forrahue and decided together with the local Mapuche to start with the planning of a new School between two Worlds in accordance to the needs of the Mapuche.

The association was named after the ceremonial drum of the Mapuche. In the world view of the Mapuche the Cultrún represents the centre of the universe or of the world in form of a hemisphere. The symbols on the membrane of the drum signify the four elements, directions and seasons.

For us the Cultrún represents the most important activity of our association – the music. It is also a symbol of our solidarity with the people of the Mapuche.

Even the logo of the El Cultrún e.V. reflects the closeness of the association to the indigenous peoples of South America.

The logo symbolises the various indigenious peoples.

It is dedicated to the memory of a longtime friend, the graphic artist Klaus-Dieter Kubat, called Kuby.