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Music of Latin America

Latin American music is a generic term for the dances, rhythm and music styles, which are typical for the countries in Middle and South America. Its variety is a result of the historical development of the last 500 years. The music reflects the indigenous, Spanish, African, British, Portugiese and French influences.

The Latin American music can be divided into the following … more

The Mapuche

The Mapuche are an indigenous people of South America. Their ancestral territory covers the states of Chile and Argentina.

For many centuries the Mapuche fought against the Spanish invaders  with furious and in contrast to many of the other indigenous peoples of America with successful resistance. Only in 1881 their resistance was suppressed … more

Suedamerika Treppe Pop Art

Lateinamerika Hoehle Pop Art


Politics of Latin America

Like everywhere in the world Latin America has experienced social deprivation as a result of neo-liberal model, of austerity programs, privatisation and shock therapy. As an answer many conflicts took place in Latin America. However some interesting alternatives were developed there. We want to inform about this: social movements, political processes and its reflection in arts more

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