The music of Latin America

Latin American music is is a generic term for the
dances, rhythm and music styles, which are typical for the countries in Middle and South America. Its variety is a result of the historical development of the last 500 years. The music reflects the indigenous, Spanish, African, British, Portugiese and French influences.

The Latin American music can be divided into the following sub-groups which sometimes differ
significantly one from another:

  • traditional styles (i.e. music of indigenous peoples, Afrobrasilian, Afrocolombian, Afrocaribbean, Andean music, folklore)

  • urban styles (i.e. Tango Argentino, Cuarteto)

  • political songs (Nueva Canción)

  • mixed styles (i.e. Salsa, Bossa Nova, Latin Jazz, Latin Rock, Latin Pop, Songo, Tex-Mex)

  • new popular styles (i.e.Reggaetón, Latin Hip Hop, Merengue Hip Hop. Latin Ska, Cumbia Villera, Cumbia Romántica, Mangue Beat, Tecno Cumbia, Rio Funk, Electrotango, Latin House, Latin Techno, Comerciales, Cuarteto Merenguero, Salsa, Timba, Rock nacional, Tecno brega).


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