Music between two Worlds

We present, showcase and celebrate Latin America.

Lateinamerika Rio de Janeiro Pop Art

The music of Latin America with its own natural power, passion and poetry wants to entertain, to touch and to make us reflective. The music should encourage people to study the continent of Latin America, its people and their history and stories.

We want to pick up the various origins of Latin American art and culture (indigenous, African and European roots), to preserve and transform them into present.

In this sense El Cultrún sees itself as a hub and mediator between the worlds.

Music is not seen as an end in itself, we want to increase public awarness with our events, we want to inform and educate people, we want to initiate discussions and to entertain – in the spirit of Bertholt Brecht an entertainment with critical distance

An important objective of El Cultrún is the reducation of prejudices and generalising ideas about Latin America, especially about the music.

Latin American art und culture – often the European audience associates this term with an uniform style. El Cultrún wants to show at the concerts the actual variety of art and culture of Latin America as a result of the various historical and artistic influences. New trends are highlighted, traditional music integrating new elements is demonstrated. The audience should realise this and has the opportunity to explore history and traditons of the Latin American countries beyond the dry objectivity of educational policy briefings.

Our partners are artists with Latin American roots, now living in Europe and enrich the art scene here with their very specific vision, nourished by the experience of two world. Other partners are artists directly from Latin America and local German artists too.


Muster Südamerika Pop Art

Imposant Iguazu Pop Art

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