Organisation of concerts

Concerts with groups from Latin America and Germany, for instance:

►  Inti Illimani Histórico (Chile)
►  Illapu (Chile)
►  Tiemponuevo (Chile)
►  Ricardo Perotti (Ecuador)
►  Sol y Lluvia (Chile)
►  Tino Eisbrenner (Germany)
►  Cantaré (Germany)

  Production of Festivals

Festivals about different topics in Germany and Chile,
for instance:

  A Festival for Allende
►  NERUDA – Latinoamerica vive!
►  Hommage to Violeta Parra
►  Festival for Victor Jara
►  Benefit concert for Cile
►  Friendship between two Worlds
  Organisation of Festivals in Santiago de Chile

  Active participation in …

►  information events about the project “School
two worlds” , about Latin America and
people etc.

►  Days of action against rassism and neonazism
►  local summer, women and children’s festivals
►  Cuba Sí Fiesta – Parkaue Berlin-Lichtenberg
►  Peña Latinoamericana
►  cultural and political events of various
     Latin American Embassies