Journey to Chile

Nationalpark Vicente Perez Rosales mit Vulkan Osorno

Nationalpark Vicente Perez Rosales mit Vulkan Osorno

Have you ever been to Chile?

Do you always wanted to visit the country of Victor Jara and Salvador Allende?

Do you wish to visit the house of Pablo Neruda?

Do you want to know how the Chileans really live?

Do you want to travel with people who are not only interested in the nature beauties and architecture but also in everyday life, the political movements and the culture of the indigenous people of Chile, the Mapuche people!


Then go with El Cultrún to Chile in January 2013!

Anybody who wants to get to know this country in a special way, beyond package tours and tourist tracks, who wants to meet interesting people, loves the Chilean music and has nothing against a “crazy” travel group, should go with us to Chile.

It is always the sixth time, that we carry through this journey and it is an unusual journey. It was organised to show tourists the Chilean reality, above all the situation of the Mapuche people. The journey is organised by El Cultrún in cooperation with our partners in Chile and not by a tour operator. It benefits above all from the impressions you can gather about the life of the Chileans and Mapuche.  It is planned as a cultural tour, as an cultural exchange, a journey with friends, which can run chaotically from time to time and requires spontaneity and an open mind.

General Information

Date: January/February 2013 (2 weeks)



1. Santiago de Chile and surrounding
2. Osorno, Osorno Province, Región de los Lagos, about 1,000 km away from Santiago in the south
Participants: min. 15 persons


800 € (inclusive: airport Shuttle, boarding, accomodation, preparation in Germany, language course in Chile, entrance at the Festival in Chile)

Additional costs:



Flight to Santiago de Chile and back (ca. 900 – 1.400 €)
bus transport in Chile (participation in the fuel costs)
individual travels
fee entry for museums etc.

Detailed information you can find here (only in German).

If you want to know more please don’t hesitate to contact us in English or Spanish.