School between two Worlds


South Chile, Region Forrahue, San Juan de la Costa Osorno: One of the first and most important projects in the history of El Cultrún in cooperation with Mapuche organizations and government institutions is the campaign for the planning and construction of a school for the indigenous and local people.

The Mapuche resist against their discrimination, subjugation, expulsion and suppression of their language, customs and culture. The objective of the construction of the school is to improve the educational opportunities and social participation of these people.

The school for basic education and vocational training will have a capacity for 200 – 600 students with workshops for courses about healing plants, agriculture,  IT and business and for vocational training of electricians, mechanics and carpenters etc.

The school will be bilingual for all the students (Spanish and Mapudungun – the language of the Mapuche) to help them to learn the language of the Mapuche. Additionally a boarding school for the students who live far away and a hospital are planned because there is almost no medical care at this region. These three facilities will be open to all people in the region, not only for the Mapuche.

The title “School between two Worlds” means that all children of the school (mapuche and non-Mapuche) will learn the modern Chilean culture but also the culture and language of the Maouche.

Which results have been achieved?

Construction and project plans are available, the necessary land had been bought. Decision makers and Mapuche are involved in the work and planning. In future these activities are to be extended.

How to finance this?

The project will have a total gross investment volume of 1,500,000 €. The funds for the construction of the school we collect by donations, the waste paper collection and cultural activities in Germany and Chile. 

One example is a festival in Santiago de Chile that we organise nearly each year usually as part of our Journey to Chile in January/February.

  can help to improve the chances of the children!