Knowledge and Education

For us music is not an end in itself. Music is our passion. We want to entertain our audience with music but it is also a medium to inform about Latin America, about its people and their history and stories.
There are different ways to do this.

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We use exibitons as one possibility for information at our events. At time we have prepared an exibition about Pablo Neruda and one about Victor Jara. Other exibitions for instance about the Mapuche and about Violeta Parra (She set the basis for “Chilean’ New Song”, La Nueva Canción chilena) are in planning.

Information events

We want to raise awareness for development issues.  Through information sessions and presentations we draw attention to the situation of the population in Latin America. Music is again a medium for us. For instance:

  • a musical journey through Latin America: here you can learn something about music and  instruments, you can learn how to built and to use the instruments and also about  the people, their culture and history;
  • presentations about history und current situation of the Mapuche in Chile und Argentinia
  • we make little handicraft products with children or singing songs with them, tell them about the life in Latin America and about the Mapuche in a child-friendly way 


Our website is a platform for information. We want to encourage people to discuss here and to exchange opinions. We are interested in the following topics:

  • music
  • artists
  • indigenous peoples
  • Latin America
  • development policy topics
  • north-south-dialogue


We are open for other topics and we are always pleased to receive your suggestions and comments. contact