Music between two Worlds

The music of Latin America with its own natural power, passion and poetry wants to entertain, to touch and to make us reflective. The music should encourage people to study the continent of Latin America, its people and their history and stories…more


Through our actions we want to bring together people of different generations, cultures and lifestyles in order to encourage a communication between them, to diminish prejudices and anxities and to initiate new projects by the means of art … more

Knowledge and Education

For us music is not an end in itself. Music is our passion. We want to entertain our audience with music but it is also a medium to inform about Latin America, about its people and their … mehr

School between two Worlds

South Chile, Region Forrahue, San Juan de la Costa Osorno: One of the first and most important projects in the history of El Cultrún in cooperation with Mapuche organizations and government institutions is the campaign for the … more

Nationalpark Vicente Perez Rosales mit Vulkan Osorno

Journey to Chile

Have you ever been to Chile?
Do you always wanted to visit the country of Victor Jara and Salvador Allende?
Do you wish to visit the house of Pablo Neruda?
Do you want to know how … more

Photos: El Cultrún e.V.