People who are familiar with management and adminstration are welcome at El Cultrún as well as artists or students.

The supporters of El Cultrún belong to many spheres, professions and ages. They participate in the activities according to their knowledge, skills and interests. Also people who are looking for a meaningful post-occupational task are welcome.

There’s one thing that matters above all others when it comes to take part in the activities of El  Cultrún: to have fun in supporting us and some interest in people and culture of Latin America.

Everybody can take part. There is something for everyone, because we have many very different tasks.
to support the organsaition and realisation of our events
to make translations (German, Spanish, English)
updating of our website
variety of press and public relations
contact to waste paper donors and support for the transport
coordination of volunteers
investigations about Mapuche and Latin American music and culture
distribution of flyers and posters

and much more.

Please contact us!